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Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are suitable for any garden. You can combine them in numerous ways based on their particularities and uniqueness. Many types are available, they vary in height, colour and inflorescence. Some are destined for dryer undergrounds, some for a more moist soil, also for shady and sunny areas. All are winter-hardy. Most ornamental grasses turn brow during winter, but some are evergreen. There is a lovely ornamental grass for every situation, thanks to the large number of variety’s. Are you looking for grasses that stay up straight or hang down a bit? Ornamental grasses can be combined excellently, due the their overhanging leaves and beautiful plumes.

Various types of ornamental grasses:

Name HeightGreen staying
calamagrostisacut. 'Karl Foerster'125No
Carexfoliosissima Irish Green'30Yes
Carexmor. 'Ice Dance40Yes
Carexoshimensis 'Evergold20Yes
Carexmorrowii 'Variegata'50Yes
Deschampsiacesp. 'Goldschleier'50Yes
Festucagautieri 'Pic Carlit'30Yes
Festucaglauca 'Elyah Blue'20Yes
Imperatacyl. 'Red Baron'40No
Koeleriaglauca 'Coolio'30Yes
Luzulapilosa 'Igel'15Yes
Miscanthussin. 'Gracillimus'120No
Miscanthussin. 'Kleine silber spinne'140No
Moliniacaerulea 'Moorhexe'60No
Moliniacear. 'Variagata'60No
panicumvirg. 'Northwind'180No
panicumvirgatum 'Heavy Metal'100No
Pennisetumalop. 'Hameln'75No
Pennisetum'Little Bunny'40No

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