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About us

About us

‘In 1997 I started nursing perennials as a hobby. For years I worked as a gardener. But the hobby grew en became more time-consuming. This was the main reason to stop working as a gardener and start a business with my wife Irma in 2001.’ – Henrico van Doorn

What started out as a hobby on a small scale in Veghel, has grown into a professional middle-large nursery in Venhorst (Noord-Brabant).

H. van Doorn Perennials contains 5000 m2 greenhouse and more than 1.5 hectare container field. 2000 m2 greenhouse is used for production of our own starting material, the other 3000 m2 is available for growing and wintering various types of perennials.

Our assortment contains nearly 500 types of perennials. Mostly cut and multiplied by ourselves. Our enthusiastic and skilled team is committed to an environmentally friendly method. By using mostly organic pesticides and reusing intercepted irrigation and rainwater after it is filtered and purified by plants.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality range of plants. Purity, quality and variety authenticity is our core business. As of a professional supplier can be expected, you can count on an excellent service.

In case you might have questions about our company, methods or something else? Please contact us, you are more than welcome.

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